Lake Jarun

Only 7 km south of the city centre is the Jarun lake also called “Zagreb Sea”. It consists of a 2250 m long regatta course and two lakes – Veliko and Malo (Great and Small), and six islands (Universiade Island, Trešnjevka Island, Rowers’ Island, Croatian Youth Island, Wildlife Island and Love Island).

Jarun is really a great place for rest and recreation at any time of the day. It was built and opened in 1987, when Zagreb hosted the World Student Games. Walking paths, lakes with boating facilities, numerous restaurants and beach cafés, are comprised the many attractions which bring people to the Jarun Centre for all kinds of reasons. Among the lush greenery, close to the clear water of the lakes and beaches which fill on hot summer days, there are also cycling paths, jogging tracks, a mini-golf course. The lake itself contains one of the best rowing lanes in Europe and has been used for international competitions.

With its cycle tracks, lakes for water sports and sports grounds for team sports, Jarun lake is the largest entertainment centre in Zagreb.